The Beauty of Ibiza

Ibiza island has a striking appeal should have to be seen appropriately. The very best ways is a vehicle hire in Ibiza and learning more about remote coves, lovely villages and striking landscapes.

Due to the reduced size of the island it is very easy to tour around. Make the most of your vacation in Ibiza to the optimum, it would be a pity Ibiza 07leaving the island without having seen its natural beauty and the cool villas.

Ibiza Nature is without a doubt the most vital tourist attraction of the island. Coves of turquoise waters, pine forests that supply a green mantle throughout the year and which in some areas grow right to the seaside keep an excellent charm and in some way purity. In these more rural parts of the island, you can view stillness and tranquillity even throughout the hectic summer months. In the interior of Ibiza, there are numerous charming spots hiding in between winding secondary roads, pine forests, vegetable fields and stone walls surrounding the orchards. Ibiza has two natural reserves, both located in the south of the island, Ses Salines and Es Vedra. The latter is a stunning islet with an excellent surrounding seabed for the enthusiasts of diving.

For those who have a vehicle in Ibiza, winter season is a perfect time to get out and about to explore the island. As the significant tourism is concentrated on the summertime, winter in Ibiza 08Ibiza is still a well-kept secret. Obviously, it can drizzle. However, the temperature drops below 14 degrees and from the middle of January onwards the island gets covered in a green mantle and flowers all over. What’s outstanding is the Almond blossom all around Ibiza and specifically in the valley of Santa Ines.

Ibiza is a great place to go on holiday during the summer too. It is a preferred destination for many Europeans and Westerners as it is known as the party capital of Europe. There are numerous nightclubs that cater to the large crowd that flocks to this island to have an enjoyable time. Always plan beforehand if you want to visit the island during the summer as it can be rather difficult to get good accommodation. Check online and you can find some great deals for accommodation in Ibiza.