Budget Travel

How to Travel on A Low Budget

Low budget travels could be pleasurable if you make a little bit of a compromise on your dreams. If you are dirty rich with thousands in your bank, do not read further. Most of us overflow with dreams except money. Thankfully, there are means of delighting in a vacation that fit your tight bank balance. All you require is to go a step down in your dreams.

Budget Travel 02Travel suggestions for low budget travel

Go to an inexpensive destination

Countries with low cost of living are ideal destinations for low budget travel. Unless you wish to boast to your colleagues about your travel, pick a lesser-known destination. There is very little difference in the seashore of Europe and Latin America or Asia or Africa, other than the expense of living. You will certainly get the same relaxation to your body and the same cool breeze. The hotels, transportation, food and beverages are economic in lesser-known destinations.

Go one-step down for hotels

The other mantra of low budget travel is “do not pay for the things that you do not have to use”. With nearly the same facilities, a 5-Start hotel will charge two times what a 4-star hotel will charge. Most tourists use hotels for sleeping at night. So there is no necessity to pay for lots of facilities such as a swimming pool when you do not intend using them.

Friendship with localsBudget Travel 01

Attempt to be friendly with the local people and you will get some trip suggestions for cheap things everywhere. Talk with people about the country and get some inexpensive travel pointers about the room rates and hotels. The taxi driver will take you to the most inexpensive hotels if you tip him. However, cheap is not everything, make certain that the area of the hotel and the hotel itself are safe.

Airline and hotel combo offers

Many airlines are providing complimentary stays at some airports with their tickets. If you have a brief journey for one week, you may prefer to take a trip with the participating airline companies. Make sure that the airport is not far off from the town; if not, you will wind up in paying your saved money on the hotel bill to the taxi drivers.