How to get a taste of home when on holiday


Going on vacation is the most exciting thing you can do when you want some time away from the regular life and routine. There are many places you can visit and one popular destination for holiday makers is Thailand in southeast Asia. However, there are times you will want miss home and want to taste something familiar. In this article, we will take a look at Chiang Mai which is a mountain city in this country and what you can do there. We will also explore the options available as far as food is concerned when you are on holiday in Thailand.

Chiang MaiChiang Mai

It is one of the most beautiful cities in the country that has a rich culture and history. It was the Lanna kingdom many years ago, and Kings made it the frontier where they defended the land. When you visit it, you will find that it has many places that are beautiful with great mountain and waterfalls and a little further amazing lakes and rivers that you will not find in any city. It is not expensive to spend your holiday in this town as accommodation, food, and transport is not costly.


Thailand is full of many exotic food dishes. You can find them to be rather spicy but once you are used to them, you will enjoy the mix of flavors and will miss them when your holiday ends. However, if you want a taste of western food, there are many restaurants that will serve you a great burger to satisfy your taste buds. They will serve you with the best food you can imagine and you will not feel homesick and will often visit them again.

foodHow to get there

Getting to this remarkable city is not too difficult. There are many regional airlines that will fly direct to Chiang Mai from places like Singapore or Hong Kong, and you can also fly direct to Bangkok and take a short flight and alternatively take the train or bus which may take you anything from 9 to 14 hours. It is always good to go there between November and January as the weather is nice during that time of the year. However, you can consider visiting in April when it’s time for the well know water festival called Songkran in Thailand.