Don’t Miss Home When In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand is a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. It can be said that this city brings a person close to nature with its many natural attractions.

Many westerners have made it a destination for regular visits during the cold winter seasons in their countries. Even though Thailand has a Chiang Mai marketdifferent culture, food, and way of life, there are times one would like to taste a bit of food from home. If you are one of the homesick travelers and would like to indulge in some food that will remind you of home, you can go to a great place like the Corner Bistro. You can check out the location and menu at the Corner Bistro Facebook Page.

Chiang Mai has many things to offer the traveler. From Adventurous tours in the mountains to the lakes and beautiful waterfalls there is something for everybody. The climate in Chiang Mai could be divided into three seasons. There is the Hot summer from End February to End May and then from May to Mid November the Rainy season and then from Mid-November to February the Winter (Cold Season). The high tourist season is usually during the winter season even though usually does not get as cold as the western countries the weather is just right for a great holiday.

Many, who visited Chiang Mai, have always kept coming back every year, and some have made it their second home, Many Westerners have Chiang Mai waterfallmade it their choice for retirement and moved their life to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai has many festivals throughout the year, and the biggest is the water festival of Songkran. This is celebrated in mid-April when the heat is at its maximum. The festival sees people splashing water on each other everywhere. It has become a popular attraction which draws visitors from around the world.

Chiang Mai has something to offer every traveller and even when you feel you miss home there are places like the Corner Bistro than can give you a taste from back home.